A gallery of fractals, some serious, some whimsical made mainly with Fractint and Paintshop Pro v5 used for post processing. You Fractal purists, my apologies to you. There are such good fractal artists out there that I felt I needed a crutch to limp on. I hope you will not be offended. All Fractals copyrighted. Please download and use for your personal pleasure with attribution mention. Commercial users please contact me.

Blueprint for a Fractal

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The Speed Of Light

The Spiral mountains




Maltese Cross

Circle of Chickens

Sunny Side Up

Cotton Candy

Lake Mandelbrot

Pharoah's Lights!

Bubble Bath


Fractal flower


Lace Doily




Mandel Skeleton

Computer Chip

Wooden Julia

Inside the Fireworks

Batman ?

Tear Here!

Winter Pinwheel


Modified Julia


Thats All Folks!

Before and after post processing fractals: What do they look like before. Click here

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